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A Bluetooth keyboard is an incredible alternative if you require a keyboard that can interface with a gadget—desktop, portable PC, tablet, telephone, TV—or if you need remote yet detest the USB dongle that accompanies customary remote keyboards. Some Bluetooth models, similar to our pick, can switch between various gadgets without having to re-match the keyboard. We likewise have suggestions for individuals who sort throughout the day, are on a financial plan, or need to utilize their keyboard on the go.

Bluetooth mechanical keyboards cost less yet aren't as compact since they're intended for work area use and regularly have full-size number pads.

ImageBluetooth Mechanical KeyboardRating
Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard.1Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard4.4 / 5.0
Anker Ultra Compact Bluetooth Keyboard.1Anker Ultra Compact Bluetooth Keyboard4.2 / 5.0
Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard.31Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard4.2 / 5.0
Lenovo Compact Bluetooth Keyboard with TrackPoint.6Lenovo Compact Bluetooth Keyboard with TrackPoint4.1 / 5.0
Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard K811.11Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard K8114.5 / 5.0

Below is a list of Best Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboards we have found.

1. Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard

This keyboard can pair with up to three gadgets and switch between them with the press of a catch, a helpful element that few Bluetooth keyboards have. The K380 is agreeable and responsive; it's additionally sufficiently strong for desktop or lap use, while being little and lights enough to slip in a pack and use on the go. Logitech says our lift has up to two years of battery life with substantial use (characterized as eight hours a day, five days a week), however the keyboard hasn't existed sufficiently long for us to test this case. The K380's abnormal, round keys can take some getting used to, and the keyboard needs illuminated keys and the working framework specific formats you'll discover on our overhaul picks, however those civilities aren't accessible in different keyboards in this value classification either.

If our choose sold, we prescribe sitting tight for a restock. There's nothing else out there with the K380's fantastic parity of cost and components. If you can hardly wait, then our redesign, spending plan, or compact alternatives (underneath) may fit your needs.

Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard Video Review

2. Anker Ultra Compact Bluetooth Keyboard

The Anker can't match with and switch between numerous gadgets, and it has clackier, less agreeable keys. Be that as it may, each key is in the right spot and it doesn't drop any keystrokes. So, the Anker gives a tolerable writing knowledge, and that is everything you can anticipate from a Bluetooth keyboard for about$20.

There are many things to love about this keyboard. Although made of plastic, it's sturdy and well-made. It is very much like Apple's much more expensive keyboard, but is rechargeable. It was simple to connect it to iPad initially, though you might have not tried it with tried anything else, this keyboard real work in a wonderful way.

It's light enough that carrying it around is no coffee, and though it has full-sized keys, it's still pretty compact. Only found one downside, but it's pretty significant. While typing, it will frequently duplicate keystrokes.

Anker Ultra Compact Bluetooth Keyboard Video Review

3. Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard

Microsoft has been getting quite creative with some of its accessory designs, and the latest is impressive in more ways than one.This collapsing plan figures out how to pack a full-sized keyset (counting littler Function and bolt keys) into a small bundle about the extent of a standard CD. case, sure to fit into even the most overstuffed carry-on bag. It’s also surprisingly comfortable, which is more than can be said for some roll-up designs.

The “Universal” part of the keyboard comes from its agnostic connection, with dedicated keys for Android, iOS, and Windows. The body has limited spill resistance, so while it’s not going to go for a dip in the pool anytime soon, it should be able to resist a few splashes of office coffee. At $100 retail it isn’t the cheapest option (though it’s often sold for considerably less), but it’s a great choice if you want to keep your mobile office as portable as possible.

Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard Video Review

4. Lenovo Compact Bluetooth Keyboard with TrackPoint

Lenovo’s ThinkPad series of laptops is famed for their functional and comfortable keyboards. This official Bluetooth version essentially copies a standard ThinkPad keyboard and allows it to be used with any Bluetooth-compatible hardware. The design is intended for desktop computers, but it’s compact enough to be quite useful for tablets as well, complete with an integrated TrackPoint and mouse buttons.

This option won’t include easy commands for Android or iOS, but it’s the best typing experience short of a mechanical keyboard (and those don’t travel very well). The incorporated risers take into consideration a more agreeable position, and long key travel and full scissor switches guarantee quick and exact writing for a considerable length of time . It goes for $80 retail, but can sometimes be found a little beneath that.

Lenovo Compact Bluetooth Keyboard with TrackPoint Video Review

5. Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard K811

While this Logitech design lacks the dedicated switch button and device tray of the larger K480, it preserves the multi-device switching capability (with function keys) and adds a backlight for typing in the dark. The design is small and sleek, and works equally well for desktop or mobile use. The K811 model is intended primarily for Mac and iOS devices while the K810 is for Windows, but both should work reasonably well with Android even without dedicated navigation keys.

These keyboards are great for the occasional typing session, but if you intend to do mobile work on a regular basis, you might want to buy a tablet with a dedicated keyboard like the Microsoft Surface or iPad Pro. An alternative is a low-priced laptop or a Chromebook, many of which can be had for considerably less than a tablet-and-keyboard combination.

This is Logitech’s most premium Bluetooth keyboard model with a retail price of $100, but it can often be found for $80 or less.

Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard K811 Video Review


If you spend throughout the day writing, you ought to consider Logitech's Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboards (Mac/Windows). They were top picks for quite a long time, and have for some time been the best quality level for Bluetooth keyboards as a result of their smooth, all around divided keys, flexible key backdrop illumination, stage specific designs for Mac and Windows clients, and capacity to in a flash switch between different matched gadgets—like your PC, telephone, and tablet. Be that as it may, we don't prescribe them for the vast majority any longer since they're costly: The road cost for each as a rule keeps running amongst $60 and $100. In the wake of investing months with both renditions and our new top pick, we contemplate 80 percent on a par with our previous picks for only 40 percent ofthe price.

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