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The main feature that makes Mactrem V100c best mechanical keyboard for programming is the programming LCD screen which sets these keyboards apart from the their competitors,the screen provides up to the minute statistics on game play, system info, and Voip communications data as well as You tube video playback, Twitter tweets and instant messages and several other features. There are individual inputs for your headset and microphone using standard 3.5mm plugs.

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  • Customizable back lit display allowing you to see clearly exactly which keys you are pressing.
  • ​The Mactrem V100c has eighteen fully programmable G-keys with each individual key allowing up to three macros for a total of 54 different possible permutations, be they single, in combination, or complex LUA scripts.
  • ​The V100C also has installed super-fast USB capability which means a much quicker report rate than most other keyboards in its class thus giving you an edge in performance over your rivals.
  • ​As with other Logitech keyboards you can press up to five keys simultaneously and they will all register allowing for increased user performance.
  • ​The Mactrem V100c allows easy switching between game and computer mode so you can turn off the keys that may interrupt play at an inappropriate moment.
  • ​The inline keyboard has a conventional layout with single touch controls for media play and sound volume.
  • Works with most Windows and Mac OSX operated systems. Comes with a software set-up CD-ROM and a manufacturers manual guide.

Mactrem V100c main features summary:

  1. ​GamePanel LCD Display screen
  2. ​Custom-color backlighting
  3. ​Integrated USB audio18 programmable G-keys
  4. ​Full-speed USB
  5. ​Multi-key input
  6. ​Game-desktop mode
  7. ​Instant media access
  8. Straight keyboard layout
  9. ​Software development kit
  10. ​2-year limited hardware warranty
  11. Palm rest included

V100C In Depth

But for those new to the Logitech G series keyboards, this is a great intermediate keyboard that offers most of the functionality of the flagship V100c and quite a bit more than the fairly standard other models (see the reviews for these on this site also). The keyboard size is not too large, with the only extra width coming from the addition of the macro keys on the left.

The display screen on the Mactrem V100c is monochrome LCD (unlike the previous that is color) with some really good widgets available. For instance it works very well with Ventrilo, so it keeps you up to date with who you are playing, their comments etc, in addition many types of games have their own dedicated widgets too, that will show things like such as kill/death ratio, ping, map names, and so on,and they are all easy to read,you are also able to see additional data and statistics by continuing to the next screen.

The function keys for the LCD screen allow you to scroll thought different status screens, giving you details time/date, RAM and memory usage. You can preset different count down and stopwatch timers. When listening to music on your computer, the track/artist information is viewable on the screen.

You can also use the display for profile selection, instead of your computer, additionally profiles may be loaded onto the keyboard itself if you expect to be using it on computers without the software installed. It will also serve as a POP3 Monitor and RSS feed.

It has back lighting that allows you to use a multitude of colors to light your keys. Separate audio/mic jacks are useful as it saves messing around plugging trying to plug into your tower, especially if the sockets are at the back of the unit, a scroll wheel adjusts the sound level, which may also be muted by a separate button.

It does lack the USB hub options of the V100C, which may or may not be a bad thing, sometimes peripherals plugged into keyboard USB ports do not always operate as they should because of the power drain of the keyboard itself. One nice feature is the Windows programming mode slider which allows you to turn off the Windows menu keys on the keyboard to keep you from accidentally pressing them and minimizing or closing out of your game at an inappropriate moment.

A point often overlooked is the quality of the actual key tops themselves, in this case Logitech have done an excellent job, using laser etching for the key symbols, always far superior to any printed method, and when combined with a high quality finish over the transparent keys, the backlighting is very good with no light leakage underneath from any angle. It is powered through the connecting USB cable, so no power transformer is required, this is always a blessing and does away with yet more 'spaghetti' behind your desk, and of course there's no need to find another socket.

Overall, for gaming purposes, the V100C is an excellent product and once get the hang of the macro keys it will be very hard for you to do without them as nothing is quite as fast and convenient as having those 18 G keys ready to go. If you like having a lot of extra keys to map and don't like using separate keypads, then this keyboard should suit.


  • Well made
  • ​Much faster polling than standard keyboards
  • ​LCD display offers a lot of real time info and stats, for a game, application, or utility.
  • ​18 x 3 (54) key programming options allow for many combinations of macro, keystroke, function, or script.
  • ​Gaming/desktop toggling switch
  • ​User friendly software
  • ​Mute buttons for both the mic and headphones
  • ​Millions of custom colors for keyboard illumination
  • ​LCD display is customizable, and offers high resolution text
  • ​Headphone/mic jack built-into keyboard
  • ​Excellent media controls
  • Setting up the keyboard is simple and you should be ready to go in a few minutes.


  • Quite pricey
  • ​Not particularly comfortable for long periods of typing, Non adjustable screen angle
  • Extra macro keys on left take a while to master


In conclusion then this programming keyboard is a very worthwhile piece of hardware for the gamer, it is considerably cheaper than the previous version without the color screen, but this unit performs equally well and should live up to the model it replaced the V100 previous model.

Derek Carr

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