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Mechanical keyboards have been making a surge in popularity among the tech-literate crowd due to the superior tactile response and feel that a standard keyboard lacks. For those of us that spend at least 8 hours a day behind a keyboard, you’d be wise to make an investment in your typing experience.

One of the largest benefits of mechanical keyboards is that they're to a great degree strong and implied for use past the standard obligation desire of a regular layer keyboard. Depending on which keyboard you buy, the keys are rated for dozens of millions of key presses.

Also, another great thing about mechanical keyboards is that they are easy to clean and maintain. Since the switches are mechanical, the keys pop off and about-face on effortlessly — that implies a lost key or bowed scissor switch is easily replaced and means you won't have to throw your keyboard in the trash can.

ImageMechanical KeyboardSwitchesRating
Das Keyboard 4 Professional.01Das Keyboard 4 ProfessionalCherry MX Blue Switches4.2 / 5.0
CODE 104-Key Illuminated Mechanical Keyboard.01CODE 104-Key Illuminated Mechanical KeyboardCherry MX Brown Switches3.4 / 5.0
Corsair STRAFE RGB keyboard.04Corsair STRAFE RGB keyboardCherry MX Red, Cherry MX Brown Switches4.6 / 5.0
The Corsair Vengeance K70 keyboard.10The Corsair Vengeance K70 keyboardCherry MX Blue, Cherry MX Red, Cherry MX Brown Switches4.6 / 5.0
The Cooler Master Quick Fire Rapid-i keyboard.2The Cooler Master Quick Fire Rapid-i keyboardCherry MX Brown, Cherry MX Blue Switches4.2 / 5.0

Top Reasons to Buy a Mechanical Keyboard

  • The typing experience is better – When considering how much time is spent in front of a computer, it makes sense to spend a little bit more for a satisfying typing experience.  If you are like most people working in an office setting, owning a keyboard that offers a positive feedback loop makes for spending long hours in the office more pleasant. 
  • ​Customized experience – Your average standard keyboard offers no option to customize. However, with mechanical keyboard you often can. With mechanical switches, there’s a large variety of options to choose from so you can find the mechanical switch that fits your needs! Whether you prefer loud clicky' keyboard sounds with tactile feedback, smooth and quiet switches, or anything in between, there’s a mechanical keyboard in the market that's right for you. 
  • A reliable investment – If you are just now learning about mechanical keyboard, you are probably wondering: "why would I spend hundreds of dollars on a keyboard when I can buy one for cheap off amazon?" Well, this is a perfect case of "you get what you pay for". Mechanical keyboards are valued for their durability and reliability compared to a cheap keyboards. Company's dedicate all of their research and development to do one thing: to make your typing experience as great as possible. Their entire reputation rides on their ability to to deliver value. 

Some More Features of a Mechanical Keyboard:

A great customizable feature of a mechanical keyboard is the swappable keycap. You will have the capacity to change the keys, and swap them out for others that component formed chiseling, texturing for better material control, or contrastingly hued plastic, whatever your inclination might be and relying upon the recreations you will play.

A mechanical keyboard may have more to offer than just extraordinarily well-made keys, including highlights like full scale charge customization and devoted large scale keys.

In case you're hoping to make the jump to a mechanical keyboard this year, or perhaps simply hoping to add to your keyboard stable, look at our rundown underneath of the best mechanical keyboard.

Things to Know about Mechanical Keyboards

Without inundating you with too much detail, let's go over the core basics you should know when considering the type of mechanical keyboard you are shopping for. 


Firstly, there's a lot of options for mechanical switches available in the market. However, based on our research the best mechanical switch manufacturer is Cherry, which makes Cherry MX switches. Cherry switches are manufactured in Germany and mechanical keyboard experts and fanatics alike widely consider them the best when it comes to overall quality.

There are tons of fake Cherry brands such as Gaote, Outemu, and Kailh which are manufactured in Asia and are typically used in cheaper mechanical keyboards. Don't sweat though, we have your back. We made sure that the keyboards we recommend ONLY use Cherry MX switches.

Form Factors

Mechanical keyboards are offered in several different form factors that may be new to you. A “full” keyboard is the standard one which includes navigation keys and a numpad on the right side of the mechanical keyboard.

keyboard form factors

On the other hand, there’s “tenkeyless” keyboards, just means the keyboard doesn't include the numpad area to save space. Other benefits with "tenkeyless" keyboards include: ergonomic advantages by allowing you to keep your mouse closer to your body, and they take up less space on your desk, which tends to be an important consideration to most buyers. 

Finally, the last major form factor we’ll analyze are the super-compact “60% layout” styled form factor. This layout makes the keyboard even smaller, reducing the overall real estate down to just 60% of the keys of a full keyboard. These keyboards are usually most attractive to power-users that want features such as programmable layers. Check out the Vortex Poker 3 as an example of a 60% keyboard.

Das Keyboard 4 Professional

Das Keyboard makes PC peripherals for PC nerds, and a portion of the best top of the line mechanical keyboards around. Their most recent line of mechanical keyboard, the Das Keyboard 4 arrangement, is their most distinguished accomplishment to date. Discharged in late 2014, this may very well be the keyboard that replaces all your different keyboards. New committed media controls, rest discover, and an astoundingly satisfying volume-handle, and two USB 3.0 ports gives all of you that you could possible need from a keyboard. Their tip top structure quality highlighting aluminum improvement makes this mechanical keyboard that will last you for a considerable length of time to come.

On the underside of the keyboard, you'll see that the USB link is not separable, and there's no feet that flip out to give you slope to the keyboard in the event that you seek it. That is on account of this mechanical keyboard utilizes an outer "foot bar ruler" that joins and segregates with magnets into the elastic sections seen above.

By and large, the Das Keyboard 4 Professional is a standout amongst the most finish mechanical keyboards out there. From the devoted media catches, to the aluminum top board, and the superb key ergonomics, in the event that you need one mechanical keyboard that does it all, this is the keyboard for you. Makes an awesome quirky occasion present for the PC nerd in your life!

Das Keyboard as of late discharged another line of gaming items, and their first gaming mechanical keyboard is the X40. You can read the full Division Zero X40 audit for more data about what makes that keyboard novel.

The main individuals who might need to avoid this keyboard are those searching for a financial plan keyboard, the individuals who need LED backdrop illumination, or the individuals who need a ten keyless mechanical keyboard. We put together a guide for best backlit mechanical keyboards here. 

Das Keyboard 4 Professional Video Review

CODE 104-Key Illuminated Mechanical Keyboard

CODE mechanical keyboards area product offering from WASD Keyboards pointed towards PC developers looking for a spotless and moderate mechanical keyboard. The keyboard touches base in a spotless, white box. The outline theory of clean and moderation is evident instantly. To start with sight of the mechanical keyboard with the container aired out! There's no marking or logo unmistakable on the keyboard.

Here's a perspective of the considerable number of segments of the CODE mechanical keyboard unloaded. One keyboard, PS/2 converter, USB link, WASD top puller, and client guide. I'm looking into a model with Brown Cherry MX switches. You can see the LED lights are top-mounted on the switches. The case is produced using ABS plastic and has a somewhat textured feel. This has all the earmarks of being the same kind of case utilized on the WASD 87-key Custom keyboard. The back instance of the keyboard highlights 5-way link directing and substantial elastic cushions to keep any slipping around your work area. The DIP switches board on the underside of the mechanical keyboard. These changes are utilized to change between Mac mode, Dvorak, Colemak, debilitate OS keys, and the sky is the limit from there. The full rundown of their elements are recorded on the included User Guide.

The White LED backdrop illuminations have 7 distinctive brilliance settings and can be killed totally. These can be very brilliant at their most astounding setting, and the steel back plate is painted white too to reflect all the more light.

The CODE mechanical keyboard has locally available memory to spare your backdrop illumination brilliance inclinations.

By and large, the CODE 104-Key mechanical keyboard is the most expert watching mechanical keyboard accessible out there. Any software engineer would love to have this keyboard as their principle workhorse.

What I truly acknowledge about this mechanical keyboard that different organizations miss on, is this keyboard is intended for expert grown-ups. The CODE line of keyboards can be assumed into any position of work and fit in consistently without drawing undesirable consideration like numerous "gaming" mechanical keyboards do. Prior logo situation on the keyboard was an awesome choice.

CODE 104-Key Illuminated Mechanical Keyboard Video Review

Corsair STRAFE RGB keyboard

Corsair’s most recent gaming keyboard, the STRAFE, is freshly open in a RGB model that I got my hands on for this overview. It's a magnificent mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX switches, and it's assessed to some degree less costly than a Corsair K70 RGB. You can see where we consider these two mechanical keyboards in our Corsair STRAFE versus K70 article.

The STRAFE is available in Cherry MX Red and Brown switches for all retailers. To get the Cherry MX Silent changes, you need to go particularly through Corsair's site, or get it from Best Buy. I watch this prohibitive game plan to be a noteworthy negative and obliging for mechanical keyboard mates, in a perfect world it's not a sign of more things to want the business.

When all is said in done, the Corsair STRAFE RGB mechanical keyboard is one of the best gaming mechanical keyboards you'll find today. At the cost, it's the best gaming RGB mechanical keyboard you'll find.

One of the setup decisions I most recognize with this mechanical keyboard is the way by which tranquil and capable the keyboard looks when the scenery enlightenments are murdered. The case is extraordinarily misrepresented and streamlined, and Corsair allows the customer to pick how crazy to get by tweaking the RGB background enlightenments.

In the event that you're planning to get a Corsair STRAFE RGB, I would recommend running with the Red or Silent switches, dependent upon your slant. I would say that Reds are a fairly better to diversion and aren't that uproarious if you compose gently, however in the occasion that sounds is a noteworthy segment for you then the Silent switches are a respectable choice.

If you need to suppress your mechanical keyboard with your own PC speakers, they have an once-over of the best gaming speakers that should bear some significance with you!

Corsair STRAFE RGB keyboard Video Review

The Corsair Vengeance K70 keyboard

The Corsair Vengeance K70 comes with a machined aluminum base that is covered in keys that look as though they are hovering above the black anodized aluminum deck. This really makes the Corsair Vengeance K70 have an awesome industrial look to it.

The K70 does feature a full keyboard which includes a 10-key num pad. Like most keyboards the K70 comes with media controls (Play, Pause, Stop and Forward/Back buttons) but these aren’t your regular media controls, the K70 features a roller knob for the Volume which I thought was pretty cool. Now when it comes to gaming, most gamers will be using the WASD and numbers 1 through 6 quite often so this keyboard features swappable keycaps that have a sculpted ergonomic and textured surface. The K70 features a detachable wrist rest that runs the full length of the keyboard, the wrist rest is a soft-touch rubberized finish with a dimple like texture.

The K70 is available in a variety of switches (Cherry MX Blue switches, Cherry MX Red, and Cherry MX Brown switches) and it’s really up to your preference which switches to go with. The best option would be, try before you buy, so you can safely determine the key switch of your choice.

The K70 features per-key backlighting and is connected through a USB 2.0 Y-cable, this allows for a USB pass-through connection on the keyboard. The K70 also features a sliding switch on the back of the keyboard which allows you to adjust the polling rates, most users will leave this untouched at 1 millisecond for faster response times.

Do note that the Corsair gaming software it comes with is Windows only (Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP). The K70 also features a 2-year warranty.


All in all, the K70 is a well-built gaming keyboard, featuring premium construction and game-friendly features like swappable keycaps, high-quality mechanical switches, and programmable key illumination. The Cherry Red keys are inconceivably responsive, considering quick, precise writing, while the delicate touch surface of the keys gives a decent grasp. For a mechanically keyboard it is likewise evaluated exceptionally well.

The key backdrop illumination and naming is exceptional, making for a reasonable readout in all conditions. Additionally, the backdrop illumination on the interactive media keys is fairly feeble yet again this is a moderately little point as there are couple of enough that it is easy to know which one's which.

In case you're in the business sector for a prevalent keyboard that has the attributes and additionally the appearance then there are few better cases contrasted with the Corsair K70. It is perfectly made and looks incredible with the dull dark and red styling. The K70 performs magnificently as both gaming and a typing tool.

The Corsair Vengeance K70 keyboard Video Review

The Cooler Master Quick Fire Rapid-i keyboard

The CM Quick Fire Rapid-i is one of the best smaller mechanical keyboards you can purchase. The "i" in Rapid-i isn't only a figure of speech, yet is there to assign that the immense backdrop illumination and every key can be lit exclusively on account of the LEDs being incorporated with the Cherry MX Blue switches. Talking about switches, the Rapid-i is accessible with either Cherry MX Blue or MX Brown key switches. The louder of the decisions is the blue, which has switches known as clicky switches.

The minimized outline has no ten-key numeric cushion, contingent upon what you look like at it that is either a positive or a negative for you. The considerable thing about the conservative outline is that it makes it simple to slip into a pack to steal away to a LAN party.

The board highlights five shine settings for the white LED backdrop illumination and five modes. The modes join lighting the keys up as you compose with them, or having them continuously obscure to dull consequent to composing. It moreover incorporates a "breathing mode," which beats the majority of the keys gradually; a mode that lights the greater part of the keys; a mode that exclusive lights the W, A, S, D and bolt keys; and a mode that lights the keys in the line and segment of the key you are writing.

These lighting modes should be designed each physically, they are accessible without downloading any additional product, and are overseen by an on-board 32-bit ARM processor. This makes it awesome for exchanging frameworks since you don't have to stress over reinstalling programming or stress over having a dynamic web association.

The Keyboard has a delicate touch complete, and there's a straightforward semi-shine complete on the keycaps. I should say, the keyboard itself has a strong development.


Generally speaking the Cooler Master Quick Fire Rapid-i highlights a reduced and strong outline with incredible backdrop illumination. The keyboard capacities well, the main issue is that in some recreations a numeric cushion is required, GTAV for instance. The Rapid-i is an extremely well made—if generally essential—gaming keyboard and it turned out to be a flawless mechanical keyboard for writing and doing everyday assignments.

With regards to purchasing a decent mechanical keyboard you should know somewhat about what switches will give you the writing background that you're searching for. Also the clicking and clattering of a mechanical keyboard can be what your ears were longing to hear – yet more than likely, the non-mechanical keyboard devotee at your work place won't hear it that way. What sounds like fine planning and delightful sound feedback to you may appear like chafing chatter to your office teammates.

At long last, the exact opposite thing you need to do is drop $150+ on another mechanical keyboard to bring into work, just to be banned from utilizing it because of protests. To help you stay away from the dramatization, you ought to consider the audit above on finding an office-accommodating mechanical keyboard!

If you are in the market for the a lower price point - not to worry, we have you covered in our post: Cheap Mechanical Keyboards​

The Cooler Master Quick Fire Rapid-i keyboard Video Review

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